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Your next corporate speech….

If you are an executive or manager, more often than not you will be asked to give speeches addressing audiences. Sometimes it is an event you have sponsored, or to your team members, may be to a larger company audience.

Some of you may love an opportunity to speak (like me. My friends make too much fun of my love to speak. Well they can have their fun) while the others may hate it. Either way you cannot avoid these forever so might as well improve your ability in delivering speeches in public.

The biggest worry many executives have are:

a. Will it be boring?

b. Will I make an error in pronunciation?

c. Will I forget my speech?

Instead I urge you to focus on something else. Something that truly matters. THE MESSAGE.

People will forget a lot of things about your speech but they will remember the message. Let me break it down to 5 simple yet highly important things about your next corporate speech.

1. The Start

2. The Story / An Experience

3. The Connection

4. The Laugh

5. The End

The Start

Your speech should start in an interesting tone. The Ladies and Gentleman is so retired now. Start with a quote or a statement from yourself based on what you want to tell them. It can even be a joke. I’ve seen one speaker who was introduced as having similar looks to a terrorist and when he came to the stage the first thing he did was give a stare. A scary one. So think of a very interesting intro. That makes the people go WOW.

The Story / An experience

A big error is that executives and managers think they are expected to be very serious and sound extremely corporate based. But it is not. You need to bring out a story (a personal story or someone else’s) so people can relax, they are interested to listen to and willing to connect with.

The connection

Your speech must have a phrase or clause that relates to them. A reference to a common fear, a point on how everyone is thinking of defeating the biggest threat, a concern all of them would have about family. It could be anything. But a concern, a problem or a sentiment shared by all the people in that audience.

The Laughter

Yes corporate crowds can and have the right to laugh and enjoy their lives. Nowhere does it say a speech must be ALL SERIOUS and no laughter at all. Make them laugh, they will connect better. It can be a funny incident you had experienced, may be something about a colleague (without mentioning names and embarrassing that person) or it can even be about your boss (Better not mention the name at any case there).

Once at a speech, the speaker wanted to mention about the senior people who were there and he said

I wish to Thank the “stalewarts” SORRY I meant the stalwarts. The Pun was not intended.

The End

This is what the people remember. You need to re-emphasize your message and make sure you clearly mention what it is that you want people to remember. When they think of your speech what do you want them to remember? How do you want them to change their behavior? What do you want them to do after they go home or go to office that day? A common mistake is to just rush off through the ending. Take it slow. Emphasize and finish it slowly with either a deep thought or ion a high tone with an extremely powerful message.

Good Luck with your next speech. Make an impact and make people feel your power and your message.

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