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Updated: Apr 14, 2018

Are you going through a problem ? Or worse - are you going through a series of problems. A series that seems to have no end like some of the Asian TV serials ? Do you find yourself waking up to the day with a problem and you go to sleep with the same problem or another problem in your head ? May be you feel you cannot be happy during the day due to all these problems right ? WRONG. (Read below)

This is something I have noticed and discovered myself doing continuously all the time. As a person balancing 3 careers, I am shrouded with some challenge or something going wrong some where each day of the week 24*7*365. Just when I think I've got everything covered and all 't's are crossed and all the 'i's are dotted, some issue or challenge pops up just like in some of those movies where the villain just refuses to die.

But no matter what problem(s) we face, no matter what challenge we face, we HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HAPPY. The right to listen to your favorite music tracks. The right to watch your favorite movie, the right to speak to someone close to us and loves us, The right to refer some principles from a religious book and improve our thinking and gain happiness through that..YES we all have the RIGHT to be happy. Yet we ignore and focus only on the problems or difficulties we have in life. WHY ?

It is due to that inner voice in our head that keeps whispering to us ;

"Hey YOU have this problem. You don't have the right to be happy. Stop being happy. COME ON BACK TO YOUR PROBLEM NOW"

STOP ignoring this right you have. It is your right and the only one, the only person taking it away from you - is YOU. I would recommend to have some Happy Pills ready. No don't worry it is nothing you take down through your throat. It is something to take down your mind.

1. A Play list of at least 3 Songs - I've got my list but the top one is "Get Rhythm" by Johnny Cash

2. A book of quotes you can read for inspiration - Shakespeare is my Favorite

3. A group of people you can talk to or chat with for a few minutes

So what are your happy pills ? What is it that can make you happy even on your WORSE day. Have them close to you. And use them every day. Stay Happy. Because it is YOUR RIGHT.

Authored by T.A. ( 14th April 2018)

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